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Bin Tian

Principal Investigator

btian at

PostDoc in Bioinformatics, Johnson & Johnson
PhD in Molecular Biology, Rutgers University
BS, East China University of Science and Technology

Dinghai Zheng

Research Scientist

zhengdi at

PhD in Molecular Biology, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
BS, University of Science and Technology of China

Lu Wei

Postdoctoral Fellow

lu.wei1112 at

PhD in Chemical Biology, Nankai University
BS, Xiamen University

Ruijia Wang

Postdoctoral Fellow

rw479 at

PhD in Genomics and Genetics, Auburn University
BS, Ocean University of China

Bingning Xie

Postdoctoral Fellow

bx46 at

PhD in Molecular Biology, University of Rennes 1
BS, Tianjin Normal University

Aysegul Guvenek

PhD Student

ag1194 at

MS, Sabanci University
BS, Fatih University

Qingbao Ding

Visiting Scientist

qd35 at

Assistant Professor at Each China University of Science and Technology

Weibing Liu

Visiting Scientist

wl451 at

Assistant Professor at Each China University of Science and Technology

 Lab Alumni

 Name, Position then => Position now.

Staff/PostDoc Fellows/Grad Students

 Weiting Xue, Research Associate (15-16) => Data Analyst at Affinity Solutions.
 Xiaochuan Liu, Postdoc Fellow (13-15) => Bioinformatics Scientist at The ATCC Center for Translational Microbiology.
 Wencheng Li, Postdoc Fellow (09-15) => Staff Scientist at PTC Therapeutics.
 Xiaoping Zhang, Research Scientist (14-15) => Staff at BioReference Laboratories.
 Mainul Hoque, Research Associate (11-14) => Staff Scientist at Genomics Program at Rutgers University.
 Ji Yeon Park, PhD student/Postdoc (07-14) => Staff Scientist at Seoul National University.
 Bei You, Research Associate (11-14) => Assistant Professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.
 Liang Liu, Postdoc (12-13) => Postdoc at Wake Forest University School of Medicine.
 Wenting Luo, PhD Student (09-12) => Staff at Dana Farber Cancer Institute.
 Zhe Ji, PhD Student (07-12) => Postdoc at Harvard Medical School.
 Yun Zhao, Research Associate (09-11) => Staff at Admera Health.
 Ju Youn Lee, PhD Student (06-10) => Postdoc at New York University.
 Haifeng Zhao, Postdoc (10) => Faculty member at Tianjin Medical University Cancer Institute and Hospital.
 Jennifer Y. Kim, Masters Student (08-10) => Medical Student at Northumbria University.
 Mike Thang, Bioinformatics Specialist (10) => Computational Biologist at QFAB Bioinformatics.
 Li Hao, Sr. Bioinformatics Specialist (09-12) => Senior Principal Scientist at Pfizer.
 Zhiwei An, Research Assistant (09) => Application Developer at Target Health Inc.
 Bingjun Jiang, Postdoc (08-09) => Assistant Professor at Institute of Crop Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
 Mugdha Khaladkar, PhD Student (06-09) => Postdoc at Univ. of Pennsylvania.
 Zhenhua Pan, Research Associate (04-09) => CSO at Aury Biopharma Inc.
 Komal Jain, Bioinformatics Specialist (07-08) => Bioinformatics Manager at Columbia University.
 Michael Tsai, Bioinformatics Specialist (06-07) => Staff at Royal Blue Inc.
 Yiming Cheng, PhD student (05-07) => Staff Scientist at Ludwig-Maximilians University at Munich.
 Ijen Yeh, Bioinformatics Specialist (05-06) => Senior Clinical Database Developer at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).
 Jun Hu, Bioinformatics Specialist (03-05) => CTO at OmicSoft Corporation.
 Jianghui Liu, PhD Student (03-05) => Staff at Putnam Investment Management.
 Haibo Zhang, PhD Student (03-05) => VP at HSBC.
 Harini Vijayaraghavan, Masters Student (03-05) => Software Engineer at Accenture.

Visiting Scientists/Students

 Sheida Hayati, Visiting Student from Rutgers-SHRP (15-16).
 Jaime Freitas, Visiting Scientist from Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology, Portugal (14).
 Tianying Wang, Visiting Student from Harbin Medical University (14-15).
 Jonathan Neve, Visiting Student from Oxford University (13).
 Wei Wang, Visiting Student from New Jersey Institute of Technology (10).
 Dongrong Wen, Visiting Student from NJIT (08) => Bioinformatics Scientist at 454 Life Sciences/Roche
 Veera D'mello, Visiting Student from Rutgers University (05-06).

Undergrad/High School Students

 Minji Hong, Intern from River Dell High School (16-17).
 Kelly Jiang, Intern from Union County Academy for Allied Health (15). => Undergrad at NYU.
 Kevin Chen, Intern from New Jersey Institute of Technology (15) => Medical Student at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School.
 Yiwen Lu, Intern from University of Michigan (15).
 Justin Wu, Intern from John P. Stevens High School (14) => Undergrad at Rutgers University School of Pharmacy.
 Eison De Guzman, Intern from Rutgers University (14).
 Dina Mohamed-Aly, Intern from Gettysburg College (13).
 Michael Wang, Intern from Mountain Lakes High School (10) => Undergrad at Stanford University.
 Hyun Mo Yang, Intern from Rutgers University (12).
 Christine Shieh, Intern from Rutgers University (12).
 Harmeet Sohal, Intern from Cornell University. (11).
 Faiz Khan, Intern from Union County Academy for Allied Health Sciences (10) => Undergrad at Brown University.
 Austin Niu, Intern from John P. Stevens High School (10) => Undergrad at Washington University in St. Louis.
 Stephanie Chen, Intern from East Brunswick High School (09) => Undergrad student at Carnegie Mellon University.
 Daniel Naftalovich, Intern from Bergen County Academies (06-07) => MD/PhD at California Institute of Technology/University of Southern California.

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